Casual Dresses for Spring

Casual Dresses for Spring For the upcoming 2011 spring fashion season, dresses are abundant. This year is all about pastel colors, feminine styles and unique patterns and all this can be found in a number of different sun dresses. You may be thinking that spring is a bit too chilly for sun dresses but the beauty of spring is the art of layering. You can break out your feminine dresses early in the year when you know how to layer up for those chilly days. The maxi dress is a blast from the past for some women, for others it is a brand new trend that is a must have. The maxi dress is a definite staple in the world of casual clothing and fashion and contrary to popular belief; the maxi dress can be worn by women of all shapes and sizes. Because the maxi dress is a floor length style, many women automatically assume they can’t pull off this look because they are shorter than the average woman. Short women can pull this look off very easily by accessorizing with some great wedge or platform sandals. Because the maxi dress is a long and flowing style, a great idea for layering is a cropped jacket or sweater. Leather jackets are extremely popular this year and this may be a great style option if you’re looking to take your maxi dress to a new level. Leather jackets today can be found in a number of different styles and colors; because of this you can be sure to match a great leather jacket to any maxi dress. Long cardigans are another option for layering your maxi dress. You want to choose a long cardigan that is open and flowing to match the style of maxi dress and you have a great outfit for any type of weather you encounter. Next on the spring dress list is the classic halter dress. The halter dress has been a staple in spring and summer fashions for years. The difference this year is you will find bolder patterns and more unique colors to blend with the trends of 2011. These dresses can be layered as well and can be worn with leggings as well for those chilly days in the beginning of spring. Some of the halter dresses on the market today can be considered mini and therefore leggings can be the solution to cover up more skin and keep warm as well. The top layer can be any of the options mentioned above as well as a wrap can be a great option. Wraps and scarves are not only for winter months of the year. You will find a wide variety of different patterns and colors to help you pair it with your favourite halter dress. This spring, look your best and feel beautiful in this year’s hottest casual dresses. Fashion trends this year are extremely easy to follow, fun to put together and best of all affordable when you shop through designers such as Elan International.

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