Fashion Trends Prediction For Summer 2010

Fashion Trends Prediction For Summer 2010 It’s coming to the end of winter, shoppers are thinking about potential new fashion trends this spring, while designers are pondering over what new cloths they can think up for summer time. Knowing a lot of designers myself and being close to the industry for many years, I can honestly say many of them disagree on the ‘next big thing’ until an authority comes and tells them what it is. From then on, most other designers fall in-line and agree, all claiming that they’ve been saying that from the beginning… But this year has been different. Many designers seem to be unified in their predictions this year, predicting THRILLS will be this year’s how fashion tip (I’m just glad it isn’t black again)! Thrills are tipped to be the hot theme for the 2010 summer, and with so many talented designers thinking so, the experts disagreeing is very unlikely! As is the case with many great trends, we’ve seen the thrills trend come and go. But now it’s back, ready to re-introduce its self to a new generation of fashion buyers. Flashing back to school days, think the Victorians without the overly big clothes and you’ll have an idea of what’s to come. Expect to see thrills on hats, dresses, even thrills on socks for the more ‘dive in head first’ of you. More unconventional fashion designers are likely to put thrills on leotards, while the more pessimistic designers may put thrills on umbrellas (In preparation for the summer showers, I know I’ll be buying one). Either way, expect thrills and spills a plenty this summer. We’ve all a lot to look forward to this summer, but first let’s just enjoy our spring.

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