What Type Of Watch Strap Should You Get?

For many people, watches are an obsession, who can collect several of the most renowned brands globally so that for each occasion or outfit, they have several options available. However, many others do not have such an opportunity. They may get to buy a perfect watch after having saved for a while, or maybe some relative gives them or inherits them. In addition to the economic value of the piece now has a great sentimental value. Others prefer more affordable or smartwatches that adapt to a more casual and dynamic lifestyle.

However, after a while, the novelty and freshness of your watch are lost. Some materials, such as metal bracelets, are watered and scratched, losing its beauty and decreasing its value(if one day you choose to sell it, this type of damage will impact the amount of money you can get for it). And what about leather straps? Even when the leather tends to age very beautifully, it will have considerable damage if they contact humid environments. Besides that, the smell and sensation that they will leave on your skin will be far from Pleasant; moreover, in certain climates can come to break or call off.

Whether you want to preserve your favorite watch’s value, condition the climate of the place you live in, the lifestyle you have or upgrade your appearance, the easiest way and practice to do this is by changing the strap. And to have a magnificent result, we consulted the experts horus.com those who have spoken of the more basic angles to think about when choosing a strap for your watch.

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The principal question you ought to ask yourself once you have decided to change your watch’s strap is what lifestyle you have? Your answer will determine the material and style of your belt. For example, suppose your usual activities include swimming in the pool, diving, sailing, or any other water sport. In that case, the metal straps typical of diving watches are ideal, although, in warm climates, they can become very uncomfortable. Textile belts like NATO are also a great choice because, thanks to the combination of their materials, they offer great strength, safety, and a perfect fit. Besides, they will dry quickly, and the colors and designs in which you can find them are almost unlimited.

If you need to begin your day by going to the gym to find the energy you will need throughout your day, or if you decide to do it at the end of the day to get rid of stress and guarantee a restful sleep, the silicone or rubber straps are a good idea. Besides, currently, you can find beautiful designs that provide a velvety feeling on your skin, is breathable, very comfortable, washable, and that in the case of smartwatches, guarantee the necessary adjustment for the sensors to take the readings accurately tracking your progress.

Whatever your lifestyle or the reason you’re determined to change your watch’s strap, please take a look at horus.com; you can be sure that you will find what you are looking for at a reasonable price on their website.