Ladies Clothing – Fashion Trends Making a Comeback

Ladies Clothing – Fashion Trends Making a Comeback Ladies clothing is certainly evolving from earlier decades of the last fifty years. The Autumn/Winter 2010 fashion trends will bring back the phrase, “anything goes” as far as style, fabrics, and colours are concerned. Be on the look-out for brighter than bright autumn colours at their best. Orange, yellow, red, and, yes, brown is the new black. Surprisingly, styles from the 1950’s bring back skinny jeans with a new twist. Denim comes in many colours and can be paired with a white button down blouse and topped off with a swing jacket for chilly fall evenings. Pencil skirts are trendy for work and evening. This sought-after basic in black can be matched with a fur coat or cape, with hat to complete the outfit for breezy days or nights. Low rise trousers or hip huggers, as referred to in the 1960’s, continue to rule casual wear. Now found in a variety of fabrics, from denim to polyester and cotton, this style is a must for ladies clothing. Also, the mini skirt should still have a home in any closet. Along with a snug fitting wool sweater, tall boots, and neutral coloured tights, this trend never goes out of style for the fall season. It’s comfortable for a shopping spree, school meeting, or day at the zoo. Colours of the 1970’s are back with added style, especially purple and pink. Now referred to as grape, magenta, berry, and fuchsia, these colours are seen on sweaters, silk blouses, and coats to match boots, shoes, and gloves. Polyester is now made to accent figures as it has added spandex. Polyester trousers in new styles are on the rise in all clothing stores. Bell bottoms continue to be the best pick among ladies under five feet five inches as they add height. Corduroys in basic brown, tan, and blue were the highlight of the 1980’s. They have become softer, stretchable, and more colourful to match with any blouse or sweater. Smock-style shirts with tie back bows are popular among younger crowds. They are stylish and can be worn casually or with dressier trousers for evening functions. Overall, fashion trends never really go away concerning ladies clothing. Designers and fabric experts look for better ways to make fashion trends for Autumn/Winter work for geographic regions and seasons. Seasons dictate colours and geographic regions dictate fabric. Together, these factors work into who’s wearing what.

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