Expressing your Culture by Wearing It

According to “Forbes” wearing clothing goes deeper than fashion. Instead it can be considered either a aide or a weapon in showing the world your culture and beliefs. Clothing, Forbes states sends a message both to the world and us that project good and bad images of who we are. It can be used as an aid in projecting beliefs and confidence or as a weapon or warning to keep others away.

Accessories in Today’s Culture. 

Today representing ourselves with accessories has become the norm. The National Geographic points to proof of this around the world with beads being a leading accessory people use to express themselves and their culture. But beads represent only one item used in this way. Other jewelry of course follows, but more specifically many wristbands with a message have joined beading as a very prevalent acceptable and fashionable way to announce your beliefs and culture to all who see it.

The Origin of Wristbands in Modern Culture. 

Although wearing wristbands has been around since ancient times, modern wristbands came about because of practicality and general use. For instance, athletes began using them to keep sweat from dripping from their arms onto their hands. This was practical because sweaty hands caused a loss of grip on the equipment used to play athletic games. Sure, sometimes this moved into being a fashion statement when athletic clothing for day to day wear became fashionable at times. Since then, everyone from corporations to individuals began to see the potential for free advertising of a product or message on the wrists of their wearers.

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Advertising on Wristbands

Advertising wristbands are exactly that. Companies frequently give them away free with the name of their company printed on it. Some will also pair with different charities selling wristbands which support the charity, then donate part of the resulting profits to the charity.

Personal Wristbands and their Message

These wristbands have exploded into our culture. People of all ages and genders wear them as part of their identity or to support their own ideologies. Once they were mostly made of plastic but now wristbands that contain a message come in all types of materials. They are made of metals, cords, leather, plastic or combinations of materials. They can be stretchy, molded, carved and more. They can be purchased ready-made or custom made to order. A crafty kind of person can make their own as well. Wristband options are almost endless.

As for the message it can be anything. Do you enjoy being inspired or inspiring others? Then an inspirational quote would be an excellent choice of message. Do you belong to a certain ethnic group? Declare your ethnicity with pride on your wrist! Why the need to put your words out there? Simple. It’s fun to wear, and it gives us a sense of belonging while still giving us a way to express ourselves as individuals in our world.