Natural Or Unnatural – Anti-Electromagnetic and Anti-Bacterial Clothing

Natural Or Unnatural – Anti-Electromagnetic and Anti-Bacterial Clothing In our not-so-natural anymore world I ask myself this question a lot: how much technology do we really need and want in our life to live better? It is a very interesting question. Nano-technology fascinates many by binding particles like silver, which has anti-bacterial properties, with common materials presumably for our benefit. But there are also serious opponents of that technology with valid concerns about possible health dangers. As the owner of the Natural Clothing Company, I come across much of different and often very interesting information, which does not have a clear cut answers. Take for example the Chinese Hebei Metals & Minerals Corp, a producer of fiberglass insulation, mineral wool and insulation. These products make an organic person shiver… But let’s look. The company is exploring other hi-tech applications as production and sale of the anti-electromagnetic radiation fabric, anti-static fabric and apparel. Their anti radiation material was used by for astronauts. As many holistic people confirm, there is a growing concern about the effects of electromagnetic wave (microwave) and increased by it cell temperature on human organisms. Hence the concept of anti-electromagnetic radiation fabric was born, shielding 99.999 percent of harmful electromagnetic waves. Hebei other path of research involves two naturally occurring materials like bamboo fiber & silver, then spinning and weaving together. The result is an anti-bacterial fiber, which retains its properties with washing, sun etc. On a surface, sounds like natural product, it seems like progress. Is it? OK, my actual question is: can we really protect ourselves from ill effects of technology by increasing our use of the technology itself? Are we playing catch-22 with ourselves? Hemp, bamboo, even soy have inherent anti-bacterial properties serving us, as in case of hemp for thousands of years. Well, does it protect from electromagnetic waves? Who knows… I know the vibrations of natural fibers do increase our well-being, consciously or subconsciously. When you put on natural fiber clothing, your body registers something, a vibe of goodness, a breath of relief. Maybe a solution is a “middle path”: we limit the offensive forces in environment, while we work like crazy to grow and process natural fibers organically. If we fast enough we might repair some of the damage to our earthly home and ourselves. What do you think?

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