Office Attire Tips For Women

Office Attire Tips For Women Dressing well for the office can positively influence your working relationships and the opportunities that come your way. It is said that between fifty and seventy-five percent of our communication is nonverbal, which means that alongside your body language, your clothing is speaking volumes about who you are to others before you even say hello! We have come up with some great tips on how to create your perfect office wardrobe and maximize your success at work: Plan your look. Put your outfit together the night before work, ensuring that it is ironed and presentable, along with accessories. This will help you to avoid last minute bad decisions or having to mismatch items because you forgot that your favorite blouse is in the wash! Fall back on classic. For the ultimate in professional looking office style go for classic lines and timeless items such as a well tailored and flattering suit. It is worth investing in some really good quality key items here that you can mix and match for months or even years to come. Colors. Traditional and neutral colors are a great basis for your working wardrobe, navy, black and gray hues are good places to start and white can be worn with any of them. Add color if you feel confident to do so, this will brighten up your look and add some personality. You can also coordinate you bag and shoes for a stylish overall effect but use brights and prints with extreme caution as they can be hard to adapt for the office. Accessories. Opt for a structured bag and avoid too much ‘bling’ at work. A simple pendant, bangle or a statement ring can really add some individuality to your outfit. Shoes. While heels are very flattering it is probably best to stick with a medium heel in the office and leave killer stilettos for outside of work. The same applies to over knee boots, sandals and high fashion buckled or embellished styles. Hair. Style your hair before work. Wear it up or down and feel free to accessorize with the odd clip or grip but leave the ‘bed hair’ look at home. Makeup. Keep it simple and natural. The best kind of daytime makeup is the kind that is barely there. Use a base (we would recommend using a tinted moisturizer) and/or concealer if required. Add a little liner and mascara to accentuate the eye, subtle blush and a slick of gloss on the lips for an understated look.

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