Avoid the Hassle of Dress Codes With Corporate Clothing

Avoid the Hassle of Dress Codes With Corporate Clothing Fashion trends are fun, until they hit the office! In a world where every little bit counts towards the success of a business, don’t let something as simple as appearance affect your staff’s ability to succeed. Using standard corporate clothing takes the guesswork out of “dressing for success,” and gives your employees the chance to focus on the more important aspects of their jobs. It is proven time and time again that a professional appearance raises confidence levels in customers and clients. The problem is relying on everybody’s individual tastes in the office to dictate what this professional appearance may be. Especially with today’s Gen Y’s, even the riskiest fashion trends have slipped right through the office doors. Whether it was the gal who wore the fishnet stockings last week or the mailroom guy who thought his Urban Outfitters gangster style ensemble was appropriate for casual Friday, these poor choices can negatively affect your ability to draw new clients and keep older ones who may be shopping elsewhere. The workplace isn’t a place for individuality other than sharing ideas and talents that each employee may possess. It’s a place for teamwork, and giving your employees more narrowed corporate clothing choices will bring the group together. Corporate clothing doesn’t have to be ugly, stiff or completely boring, either. You can choose comfortable t-shirts to be worn with nice looking jeans if your business is a bit on the casual side. You can also choose smart-looking suits, some of which can be washed eliminating the “it’s at the dry cleaners” excuse. And there’s nearly every choice in between from long sleeved tailored shirts for the guys to Ovada jackets and Sienna skirts for the ladies. Finding affordable hard-working corporate clothing is the key to success. Nobody wants to replace cheap, worn shirts every few months or trousers that come apart at the seams. Reliability in both quality and affordability is essential as is making sure the company will continue to offer the same clothing for future employees and eventual replacements. Tips to get your employees into their new corporate clothing: * Offer to pay for a portion of their wardrobe or add to their wardrobe at every 30 day mark of employment * Take a day to hire a professional tailor to measure your employees so they can properly order their clothes. * Add your embroidered logo to any shirt or blouse for added pizazz, and you’ll have one smart looking staff ready to drive profits through the roof! * Offer incentives for employees who show up in the appropriate corporate clothing on a regular basis: bonuses, gift cards and fruit and wine baskets are fantastic! Keeping a professional wardrobe is less expensive and simpler when employees have some guidance and support. A few favorite personal accessories (necklace, earrings, cuff links etc.) can accent their outfits and offer an outlet for the right amount of individuality. Although, you might want to specify where the “earrings” are to be worn! Save the eyebrow, nose and lip rings for the weekend.

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