4 Steps to Feeling Fabulous

4 Steps to Feeling Fabulous Every one of us can look and feel fabulous and we know that it’s sometimes good to remind yourself of that. It’s so easy to let the days pass while we focus on our multiple roles, high stress jobs or responsibilities and forget to make time for feeling and looking great – but it doesn’t have to be hard, or time-consuming. Embrace what you can’t change (or be decisive about what you can!) Don’t spend any more time wishing for what you don’t have. If what you wish for is unattainable you must stop this negative thought process for good. If it is attainable then stop wishing and simply go get it! For instance, if you’ve always wanted to be a brunette, take the plunge, if you want to lose a realistic amount of weight then make a decision and go for it! However, never set image goals that you cannot reach. Love what you have This is also a great time to celebrate your uniqueness and begin to really appreciate and love what you already have. Make the most of your best features and learn to flatter your shape, features and coloring. Develop your style. Which colors and cuts flatter you? Are you looking after your skin and hair, and do you have good posture? Addressing all of these issues can make a huge difference to your image, so ask for advice from someone behind the beauty counter in your local department store, or get some self-help books from the library. Do something positive for yourself Do something regularly that makes you feel special! This could be anything, from deciding to treat yourself to a product that you would usually feel guilty about spending the money on, or committing to having a facial once a month. If you feel that a regular beauty treatment is just too expensive then consider calling your local college where you can often find very low price treatments offered by the beauty students. Try something new This is a great confidence builder and the choices are endless! Maybe try a hobby that you always fancied pursuing but never took the plunge with, or try wearing a bright color that you have always been too self-conscious for. Trying something new and making it work for you is a triumph for the new, fabulous you!

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