Creating Ambiance in Your Retail Space

If you have a retail business that caters to the public then one of your main goals is probably creating the right ambiance or atmosphere inside your store. The wrong look and some potential customers may never even walk through the doors. Creating a positive vibe in your business is all about the details.

Furniture and Décor

No matter what you sell, you must outfit your space with some sort of durable furniture such as a counter to ring up purchases, chairs and display shelving. It’s easy enough to find cast-offs to suit your needs, but to create a feeling of excitement about your product, you’ll need to go for a cohesive look. No matter if your product looks best set off against an urban industrial look or warmer custom wood features for retail businesses San Antonio TX, focus on continuity throughout your space, including easy chairs outside the dressing rooms, shelving styles and nameplates on the bathroom doors.


Nothing sets the mood of a place like music. Research has shown that different types of music affect customer spending habits. For example, classical music subconsciously causes customers to buy expensive items while contemporary music encourages younger shoppers to form favorable associations with the products. If your business sells food, and you don’t want people to linger at their tables, play fast tracks that cause faster eating.


Businesses want customers to see all the products, but if you really want a certain item to move fast, put a spotlight on it. The extra lighting will draw the eye. In addition to generic overhead lighting, consider dropping a few crystal chandeliers or adding some faux flame wall sconces to create mood. If that doesn’t jive with the vibe of your place, twinkly lights wrapped around display shelves or multicolored disco balls work in other types of spaces.

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The absolute best ambiance is created through good customer service, but until you have enough return customers to achieve that reputation, focus on design elements that will help you draw in and keep the customers you want.