Fashion and Personality

Fashion and Personality The personality of a person is reflected by the clothes he or she wears. Not only clothing, but there are so many factors which affect your personality. There are so many things that affect your personality including clothes, shoes, and accessories, etc. Your attire has so much power that it can make or mar your personality. Although its’ good to follow fashion and trends, but one shall not loose his or her individuality and personality in the race of fashion. Lets’ discuss a few factors which shall be kept under consideration with regards to fashion and your personality. Develop your own style: Do not rely entirely on fashion media. Stay aware and in touch with latest fashion styles, but don’t follow them mindlessly. Decide what suits you best and choose the best one from the prevailing fashion trends. If you buy an expensive short dress just because it is in style, and unfortunately it doesn’t suits you, all your investment goes in vain. Choose Proper Fit: This is a very important factor. Buying branded or expensive clothes not at all guarantee that they will make you look great. An expensive branded jean which is ill-fitted is never going to make you look good. Always buy clothes which fit well on you. They shall neither be too tight nor be too loose. If you are fat, make sure that you don’t buy too short clothes which may show off your bulges. In case you are very tall and are not able to find a shirt with appropriate sleeve length, don’t buy a ready-made one. Buy a good fabric and get it stitched properly just as according to your length. Maintain a clean closet: Plan your wardrobe just as you require. Don’t overstuff it just for the sake of fashion and habit of buying clothes. Buy only that you actually need. An oversized wardrobe is always a headache. Make a complete of things that you require in your closet. Always keep few basic clothes and accessories such as a plain black and basic blue jean, a pair of black trousers, a nice white shirt, a blue casual tee, a nice short black dress, etc. in your wardrobe. Upgrade your style: It’s good to develop a style of your own, but it shall not be like that you will go on with the same for the next three-four years. It will rather make you look boring with always a same style. Keep on buying some fashion magazines and extract out something nice for you from them. You can spice up your existing wardrobe by combining them with latest accessories, such as shoes, handbags, jewelry and even a new hair-cut will work out! So, transform yourself according to current fashion trends, but develop a style of your own, so that everybody gets attracted towards your mesmerizing look.

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