Sunglasses – From Then To Now Is A Few Minutes

Sunglasses – From Then To Now Is A Few Minutes They were more smoke-coloured quartz lenses with no corrective properties at all. Only in 1430c did the Italians (who invented the eyeglass in the 13th Century) introduce the corrective lens to the Chinese. Guess that explains why the Italians have been great leaders in sunglass design and fashion to this day. Anyhow, moving a few 1000 years along, the date now 1929, along came a man by the name of Sam Foster, while on the Boardwalk of Atlantic City, New Jersey, he sold his first pair of mainstream sunglasses. A year later… Sunglasses were the new rage and it hasn’t stopped since. I think about 95% (Do not quote me on that number, it is called thumb sucking figures, lol) of the planet must have owned at least one pair of sunglasses at some stage in their life. Shortly after in 1930’s Ray-Ban came into existence, which focused more on creating sunglasses for pilots with the help of Edwin H. Land, the founder of Polaroid. However when General Douglas MacArthur made a public appearance sporting a pair of Ray-Ban Aviators in WW2, they gained considerable popularity with the rest of the world. To this very day you will find aviators in display boxes and shelves in every single sunglass shop around the globe. These days sunglasses are a real icon of fashion, a statement and extension of who we are. As the eyes are the windows to the soul. Sunglasses could possibly be the windows to our character? And rest assure, if you are the sporty kind, a business man, or just want to be bold and trendy you can be guaranteed you will find a pair of sunglasses out there, no matter what your budget. So with all of that said, lets have a quick look at some of the 2011 fashion styles. BIG AND BOLD Very popular and very fashionable are the very large frames with dark lenses. They are loved by both young and old, hence the are constantly in demand. Celebrities often use these particular shades to hide their identities in public. Thus, for those people following the every move of their favourite celebrity, bigger frames and dark lenses are the way to go. SPORT SUN SHADES Sports shades are rapidly gaining fame, besides the comfort it provides whilst participating in sports and keeping the UV rays safely at a distance, they add style and character to your face. The solid wrap around shape also allows for a lot more comfort. Besides, what’s more fun than sporting a cool set of shades in a different colour everyday…budget permitting! RETRO As it is the norm with fashion, although we don’t always see it, the fashions from way back when always make a come back, whether quietly or with a loud bang, they always pop up again, and enslave us all over again! Round glasses and even replica shades are always in demand due to their competitive pricing, quality and easy accessibility. And yes they do offer UV protection, so no need to fret there. UNISEX Thats right, unisex sunglasses. With their neutral colours and designs fit for the faces of men and woman alike. Helped by the marketability of these sunglasses and more designers jumping on the train, expect these designs to be more dominant in the 2011 fashion trends.

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