Plus Size Women Can Look Trendy Too!

Plus Size Women Can Look Trendy Too! Are you aware that for 2011 the hottest trends of the season are casual wear? Casual clothing is what we are seeing this year and it is a far cry from the baggy sweat pants and sweat shirts you may be thinking of right now. Today, casual clothing means leggings, sweater dresses, tunics and so much more. These essential wardrobe pieces can be worn by nearly anyone with any body type and this includes plus size women. Shopping can be a daunting task when you are shopping in the plus size section of the store but rest assure there are several tips and tricks to help you look great and avoid frustration! Leggings are a big part of today’s fashion world and they can be worn in a number of different ways. Tunics and sweater dresses are often worn with leggings and this is a great style for plus size women as well. There is however, one rule that should be considered when choosing a high fashion outfit such as this. If you are a plus size woman and are shorter in height, you may want to consider avoiding where tops that go below your waist. This type of top can make you look even shorter than you are, especially if you are not wearing heels to create the illusion of height even if it isn’t there. Everyone knows that dark colors help create a slimming effect but what you may not already know is that tapered pant legs can be the enemy. A tapered leg is meant to accentuate your figure and if this is not what you’re looking for you may want to abandon the tapered leg and head towards the straight leg pant. Straight legged pants of any kind or rise are by far the best way to go because it creates the illusion of height and it keeps your body looking straight, avoiding highlighting unflattering curves. If you are already quite confident in your sizing, shopping online can be a great solution for those women out there who aren’t interested in suffering a day at the mall for casual wear. There are many more plus size clothing boutiques and shops available online for shopping than you may find at your local mall. Variety can make shopping for this year’s fashion trends that much easier and more enjoyable as well. One last tip you will want to learn is that this year, women’s casual clothing is extremely neutral and simple. What this means is that too much accessorizing can actually harm your fashion trend more than enhance it. Less is more this year. Enjoy designers such as Elan International because within this high fashion design company you can find top of the line fashion clothes includes pants, dresses, casual tops and so much more. It’s time to enjoy fashion and forget worrying about sizes and what the “rules” are in regards to larger women. The only rule you should remember is if you don’t like it when you try it on, put it back!

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