Tie Trends for Winter 2010/11

Tie Trends for Winter 2010/11 Come autumn, and the bright colors give way to dark color with grays and blacks coming out of closets. Most fashion houses design their fall collections based on these standard colors. But they do add a dash of color to lighten the dreary look and ties give that dash of color and verve to otherwise dull looks. You don’t have to look very far to see the colors that are in vogue this season. Autumn, the season when nature changes color to throw up colors of every hue whether earthy tones to reds, burnt oranges, browns, tans, bronze, rust, gold, coppers, sage greens, olive greens is a good place to get your colors for the season. Each design house works around these colors to give a new look to their clothing line. This fall there is a great emphasis on navy blues, royal blues, midnight blues, coppers, bronze, burnt oranges, rust brown, etc. Some designers are also experimenting with lilacs, lavenders, and sky blues in conjunction with the above colors. Ties in these colors are the fashion flavor this fall. Ties in stripes, self colors, polka dots, plaid ties are all in vogue and a thinner look has been emphasized. A few designers have added a burst of color to their black and gray ensembles, using primary colors like blues, greens, reds, etc without resorting to complex color schemes. Ties made of silk are in vogue this fall because the brilliant sheen and soft texture serve to add a rich touch to the ensemble. The basic idea around which ties are added as accessories to an ensemble is dark colors should be softened by bright colors and the glare of bright colors can be offset by a darker color tie, therefore ties this season are a blend of bright and darker hues of the above mentioned color palates. Striped ties are big this season with blues merging with reds and yellows to give very contrasting looks and amalgamating with lilacs and lighter pastels to give a soothing effect. Self colors, embroidered ties are used with stark blacks and dreary grays to give a dramatic and formal effect. The trends this season have already given us an inkling of the changes on the men’s fashion scene. So for all those men who have a large collection of ties, it is time for you to put away the bright neons and light self pastels and experiment with the colors of fall. Take out your oranges, browns, rusts, blues and add them to your outfits to be a trend setter and keep abreast of the latest on the fashion scene this autumn.

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