Flattering Swimwear Tips

Flattering Swimwear Tips OK it’s not yet the height of summer but swimwear season isn’t far away and we just can’t help feeling excited about the sunny months to come and what they bring! Swimwear is already in the shops for those planning holidays in the sun or looking forward to hitting the beach or pool closer to home. We want you to feel and look fabulous when the time comes, so we have put together some great advice and tips on finding the costume for you and your body shape. Pear shape Pear-shaped bodies are those with larger hips and slimmer shoulders. If you have this type of figure, go for something with a little detail around the bustline. This will draw the attention upwards and away from your hips. Darker bottom halves with patterned/printed tops will flatter, but stick with larger prints with dark-coloured bases. If you go for a two-piece try hipster bottoms. Apple shape Apple-shaped bodies have smaller hips and broader shoulders, and can find that they put extra weight on mainly around the waist. If you have an apple-shaped frame, a one-piece suit with ‘tummy control’ may be good for you, or you could try a two-piece tankini or bikini. Combining a block coloured top with a patterned bottom half will help to balance out your figure. Full bottom Skirted suits can help to hide a fuller bottom if it is something you feel self-conscious about. You can also buy swimskirts separately; this way you can mix and match with your costume and add the skirt if you feel you’d like to. Stay with styles that skim the hips and bottom rather than frilly or fussy looks. Small bust To enhance a smaller bust try something with horizontal stripes across the bustline or a lightly padded top. You may also wish to try a moulded, underwired, ruffled, frilled or gathered tops, which work in halterneck, triangle or bandeau styles. Athletic Athletic bodies tend to have a similar width to their shoulders, waist and hips. Wrap swimsuits or swimsuits with detail around the waist will create a waistline and you can use the tricks mentioned above to give a more busty appearance. To enhance your hips, again try going for something with detail, like rings on the hips of a bikini. Hourglass Hourglass figures are those that have balanced shoulders and hips with a smaller waist. If you are lucky enough to have a figure like this you probably look fantastic in any bathing suit!

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