Recognizing Quality in Casual Wear

Recognizing Quality in Casual Wear As our economy becomes more aware of saving money and getting the most for their money, quality in clothing becomes a big issue. We’re going to focus this article on casual wear because casual styles and trends are by far the most popular in women’s fashion today. As you know, casual consists of t-shirts, sweat shirts, sweaters, leggings, jeans, skirts and pants just to name a few and each of these items needs to be of the highest quality for it to be worth your investment. Right now you may be thinking that you can’t afford the top of the line designer brands in order to get the best quality, but guess what? There are designers out there today who are interested in creating high quality clothing at reasonable prices so you as the consumer are happy with what you get. Elan International is one of these companies who pride themselves on creating high quality casual wear for affordable prices. Let’s quickly explain how to tell a high quality piece of clothing from one that is cheaply made. You may be familiar with what is known as the distressed look. You will find mostly tops made of this material and you can see right through them. This does not mean they are made of poor quality, in fact just the opposite. This distressed look is done on purpose for the option of layering that is so popular in women’s fashion. It is an incredibly sexy look and one that can be utilized in a number of different ways. If on the other hand, you find a casual top that looks distressed but is not meant to be you are looking at a very poorly made piece of clothing. When it comes to casual pants such as jeans or leggings it’s not quite as easy to determine the quality behind it. A great rule of thumb when looking at leggings is to hold them up to the light. If you can already see through the material, keep looking. Remember that when you put on these leggings they are going to stretch so if you can see through them already, this only means you are investing in a poorly made pair of leggings. As you look for your next casual pair of jeans, consider the thickness of the materials. Some women prefer thinner materials for their jeans, at this point you want to find the line between thin and too thin so as not to wear quicker than you intend. Women’s fashion clothing has come a long way over the years and quality is there if you know where to look for it. Designers such as Elan International are proud of their clothing line and are confident you will find it not only worth the money but worth buying more than once. Casual wear materials are meant to be soft and comfortable but it’s your job to find the fine line between perfect and so thin it will look raggedy after only a few wears.

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