How to Work the Nautical Look

How to Work the Nautical Look Although the nautical look is a common trend each year in women’s fashion as summer comes round, we seem to have well and truly embraced the look this season with high street shops and online retailers going all out with nautical fashion. The perfect trend as the weather starts to hot up, the crisp and fresh appeal of nautical clothing brings with it a smart casual look that ever so versatile and ever so chic. Despite being a specific trend, it’s one that can be worn each year and is a great clothing investment. Most women will already have many pieces of clothing that can work with others to pull off the nautical look and you may only need to buy a few accessories or nautical tops to finish off your outfit. As with many specific trends, it’s important not to overdo it, as too much of the same theme can be a fashion disaster. The nautical look is very simple to do and here are our tips for achieving the sailor girl style. Getting the colour right The thing that makes the nautical look is the use of colour, of course white, red and blue are the main three colours for nautical fashion. You could wear all three colours in one outfit, but make sure you don’t go over the top, or you could simply just pick your two favourite colours and accessorise with a bag, shoes or jewellery. Navy blue is the most common of nautical colours, while cobalt blue, denim and black make suitable contemporary alternatives if you’re not keen on navy blue. Finding a flattering pattern The first thing you associate with nautical is horizontal stripes, although this is tricky to pull off because this pattern can make you look wider. Also consider spots, hearts and other prints for a more contemporary choice. Remember to stick to one pattern in your outfit, keeping the rest plain otherwise they’ll clash. Although clashing patterns can work well, it doesn’t look right with the nautical look because it’s all about looking neat and tidy. Choosing the best piece It’s best to go with simple pieces than anything fussy, plain t-shirts, a-line skirts, neat pumps, crisp collars and preppy shorts are all perfect to carry off a nautical look. The contemporary nautical theme has some really nice embellishment detailing that adds a little extra fun like cute bow trims and brass buttons, while there’s also lots of nautical jewellery available that is perfect for complementing your outfit.

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