Six Timeless Fashion Trends

Six Timeless Fashion Trends Fashion is a very unpredictable field. You never know what new trends and styles will be in and out. It’s a very common trend to see old fashion statements come back to life, but like they died years back, they will die again. Why do we always look at what’s in and what’s out? Why not try to see what’s always there? If you want to make your wardrobe life long and your look always in even if you wear the same clothes over and over again, here are some timeless pieces that you can wear. Denims Although the trends change every now and then, denim is still denim no matter what style it sports. Different cuts have different matches, but denim jeans go perfect with any color or type of clothing. After the reign of those skinny jeans, let’s go back to the original boot cut and just pair it with a simple tank top. White Shirts Almost anything can go with a white shirt. If you want to feel safe and not get any looks of “Oooh” or “Aaah” with what you’re wearing, go with a white shirt. Plain white is nice and perfect for any color of bottom or shoes. Denims and white shirts are also an all-time favorite. Sundresses Nothing says comfort than the perfect sundress. It’s a nice casual outfit for any occasion, and you can also get a sundress for special events. A sundress is basically a short, loose dress with colorful prints. Try wearing sundresses with the trendy colors, like red, green, or gold for Christmas. Always wear a sundress with only one or two colors, even if it’s very printed. Dresses with too much color might look like curtains or blankets draped around your body. Cardigans Cardigans are the best sweaters for women. They’re very sexy and you can match them with almost any kind of clothing. Black cardigans are best for any color, but white cardigans can create a completely different effect. To optimize the use of a cardigan, use neutral colors like black, white, gray, and brown, and use them on hues which are of the same value. For instance, yellow blouses go best with brown cardigans, while red tops go well with black. Capris A good pair of capris can definitely go well with any kind of top. It also makes you look and feel perfectly comfortable with what you’re wearing. Khaki capris are excellent for various light and pastel colors, while a black capri can work with almost anything. Just make sure you get the right length of capri on your legs so that they won’t make an unflattering emphasis on your big calves. Little Black Dress The Little Black Dress has definitely had its name carved on the wall of timeless fashion, and almost any short, elegant black dress with as little ornamentation as possible belongs to this category. The concept of this dress is a multi-purpose outfit which you can shift from a classy evening dress to a normal, everyday casual dress, by simply changing the accessories. It’s a must in every woman’s wardrobe to have this. If you’re in search for a fabulous look that you want to wear in a social gathering or a barbecue with the neighbors, make sure you use at least one of these classics, and you’ll definitely be comfortable knowing that what you’re wearing is a timeless icon that says “fashion” all over.

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