History of Punk Hairstyle Fashion Trends

History of Punk Hairstyle Fashion Trends Originally, punk hairstyles only consisted of Mohawks worn by a very select group within the hippies movement. This select group was very focused on freedom, individual rights, and anti-establishment viewpoints. The small group slowly emerged as a leader within the fashion industry a few years after its introduction to the world. Initially, the punk movement had a very slow start though. The Mohawks and the extreme viewpoints of a small minority within the hippies movement did not lead to widespread support from the public or individuals around the world. Later, punk rock was introduced to the world, along with many punk fashions, which led to a widespread introduction of the punk style. Along with the general punk style came the punk hairstyle. As more and more famous rock artists performed their music while wearing extreme punk outfits, the world began to notice that many followers of this music also wore this type of wardrobe. This was truly the beginning of the punk movement, as well as the punk hairstyle movement. To begin with, punk hairstyles consisted of spiked hair, Mohawks, and elaborate colored dye jobs. As the punk movement progressed, many people associated with the extreme fashion concepts within the punk movement, but other people began to follow more moderate approaches to the punk attitude. This new punk attitude was still anti-establishment and pro-individual rights, but the group that held this new attitude often felt that a simpler approach to their wardrobes was the best route for them to take. This group held very similar views to their predecessors, but their hair became more moderate, and their outfits became less elaborate as well. Today, there are many people wearing both punk styles. Some people prefer the extreme punk wardrobe and fashion concepts like Mohawks, while other people prefer the simple ideals of the new punk movement that incorporates shorter hair and simple spikes along with other simple fashion design concepts. As the history of punk hairstyle fashion trends continues to unfold, it is likely that the extreme punk fashions, and the more moderate fashion styles within this genre, will continue to evolve in their own ways, creating a brand new era for the punk movement.

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