Fashionable Dressing

Fashionable Dressing As a child I never gave importance to how I dressed. I am a very cerebral person always staying on the mental and emotional level. However, over the years I have learnt that how you dress has a great impact on the way you feel about yourself and the image you project of yourself. While spice is the variety of life, different colors give a kaleidoscopic view of life. Even though the true essence and nature of our being is untouched, it is the personality that is affected by our actions that we take toward ourselves and others. While the foods we take in affect us physically, the colors we surround ourselves with affect our moods. I had a friend who always wore white suits. There Is nothing wrong with that. It was just that she was very predictable in her dressing and in my opinion did not look interesting to look at. After a few years I saw her changing the way she dressed by gradually shifting into colored dresses and accessorizing her outfits with beautiful costume jewelry. Later as she started exploring her options she shifted into gold and gemstone jewelry. It was a pleasure to see her face glowing with the reflection of the different colors of her dresses and her jewelry. There is a certain radiance reflected in her face that makes her look beautiful, fresh and enthusiastic in spite of her advanced years. Her positive thinking and the care she takes of her body makes her presence bright and a joy to be around. I have realized that being fashionable involves being creative in keeping up with the fashion trends of the times and the seasons, and investing our time, effort and money. It brings refinement and value to your being and a way of expressing your uniqueness. You can become very creative by researching fashion magazines and shopping around for fashion clothing and accessories such as fashion shoes, fashion handbags and fashion jewelries. Coordinating the color of your dress with different accessories such as your shoes, handbags, jewelry, scarves or belts is an art and requires lot of planning ahead. Whether it is men’s fashion or women’s fashion, with quality clothing and fine jewelry, you can still express your simple living and high thinking philosophy of life. It may appear like we are spending too much time on our body but it also shows that we consider ourselves worthy enough to take care of our body and decorate it. Simple living doesn’t necessarily mean that we have to neglect our body. In fact according to Ayurveda different gemstones have a very positive effect on the different energy centers in the body. Beautiful colorful gemstones such as Amethyst, Rubies, Emeralds, Garnets, Sapphires, Diamonds and pearls set in 14K Gold earrings, pendants, rings and other jewelry in various combinations and permutations give a dazzling and elegant variety in its simple and unique designs. With simple and beautiful Fine jewelry as accessories to your different styles of clothing you can surely brand yourself as sophisticated and classy. Fine jewelry lasts in its quality and fashion for many ages and can be passed on from generation to generation. You can have a great collection of fine jewelry to accessorize your wardrobe of spring, summer and fall fashion designer clothes. Fashion trends in designer clothes can change with the seasons such as spring, summer, fall and winter but since Fine jewelry with great value, everlastingly beautiful design and durability goes with any fashion design, it is a great investment as well. The way you think and dress is a signature of your personality.

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