Fall Fashion Trends – 7 Hot Styles That Won’t Break the Bank

Fall Fashion Trends – 7 Hot Styles That Won’t Break the Bank This season, it’s easy to look fashion-forward without spending a lot of money. Here are 7 tips to help you look great this fall without breaking the bank. 1. Wardrobe staples. If you are watching your pennies, you aren’t the only one. The trends on the runway for this autumn seem to be reflecting everyone’s need to scale back on spending. The collections of many designers are encompassing a back-to-basics theme with clean, simple lines and good wardrobe pieces. 2. Color. Black is still a very fashionable color, especially when paired with splashes of bright colors. Black, grey and white are dominating the runway, so be prepared to see that reflected in the palette in the department stores. You’ll also be seeing some deep purples as well as a bit of a flashback to the 1980s, with some bright color trends. 3. Leather and suede. One of the biggest trends for fall is leather and suede, particularly in handbags and jackets. While leather and suede are always in style, this year they are getting some fun updates with quilting, metallic finishes and animal prints. 4. Leggings are making a comeback. Expect to see leggings with long tunics and sweaters. Pair them with ankle boots and chunky jewelry for a fashion-forward look. 5. Metallics are hot, whether it’s a full-fledged lame fabric or just a shimmery sheen to stretchy fabrics. You’ll see more metallics in the department store in the form of accessories and full outfits. Update your look by adding a few pieces of flashy metallic jewelry or investing in separates with a subtle shine. 6. Outrageous accessories. It’s easy to dress up your simple outfits with bold accessories. Large necklaces, big bracelets, hats and unique boots will all be part of fall trends. Even if clothing designs seem a little subdued, accessories definitely are not. 7. Denim is always popular and this fall shows two very different approaches. First, dark denim with wide legs is going to be a very big trend heading into the colder months. Darker denim fabrics flatter nearly everyone and has the added benefit of making your bottom look smaller. On the other end of the spectrum, ripped denim from the 1980s is making a comeback, so don’t throw out those torn jeans just yet! The best thing about the hot trends this season is this: a few simple, new pieces will coordinate well with the basics that are already hanging in your closet. So you can look modern and stylish without breaking the bank.

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