Can We Always Keep in Step With the Fashion Trends?

Can We Always Keep in Step With the Fashion Trends? How to find the perfect balance in your wardrobe? Sometimes we buy fashionable clothes thinking just for the fashion trends but what happens with them in the next year? As Fashion changes so fast it’s not very cheap to be in step with the fashion trends always. The simple reason for the total change of fashion trends every year is that fashion designers always try to provoke the market and people to buy the newest collections, that’s their job of course and we can’t blame them for doing what they’re good at, but… we – people that are keen on fashion and who like most of the things we have got in our wardrobe would like to wear them longer, not just one season, so what’s the solution then? Can we find the perfect balance in our wardrobe? The answer is – “Classic”. Some of will you probably say – “Oh no, Classic is boring” – wrong! Classic chic has never been boring and the first example I can give you is: “The little black dress” – invented by Coco Chanel it’s still on the crest of the fashion and I don’t know of any designer that would belittle it. Can classic be fashionable? – Of course it can, because in the fashion “Everything new is a well-forgotten old”. You’ll find in most of the new designer’s collections many re-created / re-designed old ideas, silhouettes, shapes and patterns that look familiar. The same is about colours, although each season designers launch new colour trends I bet most of you have favourite colour and prefer to buy clothes in the colour/s you like. So that when we try to find the best balance in our wardrobe ie to have more fashionable clothes and in the same time less of this that are out of fashion we should definitely pay attention to some garments that have been always actual: The Little Black Dress that I mentioned above; Denim clothing – jeans, jacket, dresses, tops they have been always actual and fresh and in the same time sexy looking, plus with the variety of colours on the market you can easily combine them with the other clothes you’ve got; Jumpers – knitwear is the best combination of comfort and fashion; Tops – plane, embroidered or trimmed – you can wear them with everything – trousers, skirts, jeans, jumpers, etc. Trims can bring each one old garment bang up to date in the fashion; Leather apparel and accessories – jackets, trousers, belts, gloves leather always looks great and lasts ages. Again there is a variety of colours and designs; Classic coat – it is the ‘must have’ garment in everyone’s wardrobe, whatever it’s a fitted slim coat or have A-line silhouette, coat always gives you the opportunity to have a different fashion look; Classic suit which can be a combination of jacket and full or pencil skirt or jacket and tuxedo masculine trousers, it’s a practical, classic and in the same time fashionable way to dress in all seasons; Shoes and bags – the fastest way to update your outfit with a fashionable look. If you have a look at your wardrobe you will probably find that you’re well equipped with some of these clothes and accessories. They just need to be given a fresh look and you to wear them with style.

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