2011 Fall Trends

2011 Fall Trends One of the greatest things about men’s fall fashion trends for 2011 is that they are sophisticated without lacking interest and fun. Menswear is making a move away from youthful and flamboyant looks, and trending towards fashions that are mature and refined, and yet appropriate for any demographic. Here are the staples for your fall 2011 wardrobe. Sweaters: Sweaters, particularly zip front or button front cardigans, are great for fall of 2011. They can even serve as a substitute for a jacket on a chilly day. Look for sweaters that are made of wool, cotton, or chenille. Try to avoid acrylics, as these can be difficult to care for, don’t breath well, and tend to pill quickly. A great look for fall is a Nordic print. Insure that the sweater has a nice, snug fit and does not hang down in the armpits. Tweed: You might think of your seventh grade science teacher when you think of tweed. But tweed is huge for fall and can be incorporated into your outfit for a modern look. It is great for the “dressy casual” look that has become popular this year. Try layering a tweed sport jacket over a pair of dark denim jeans and a button down shirt. Or, to wear tweed more subtly, try it in an Ivy or Newsboy cap. Textured Ties: A cool new trend for fall of 2011 is the trend of textured ties. Texture in a tie is a bit unexpected, so it automatically adds interest and luxury to your outfit. Plus, textured ties pair well with the rich fabrics, such as tweed, herringbone and velvet, that are so popular for fall. Experiment with different types of tie knotswith textured ties, because you may find that the texture adds a bit more heft to the knot than you are used to. Patterned Jackets: If your whole selection of outerwear consists of solid grays, browns and navies, try to reach outside your comfort zone a little bit this fall. Look for a patterned jacket– there will be lots of great ones to choose from. For a Jean Paul Gautier inspired look, try a white and black horizontally striped jacket. For a more subtle pattern that matches anything, look for herringbone. If you do prefer solid colored jackets, select one with interesting military-inspired accents, such as a belted waist, brass buttons and shoulder epaulets. Boots: Men’s boots are huge for fall of 2011. This is a decidedly more industrial look than a loafer or an oxford. But there are plenty of brands and styles of boots out there that are just as comfortable as their lighter footwear counterparts. Soft leather ankle boots, with their flexible material and short design, are very comfortable and versatile. Look for lace up ones with a rounded toe in dark brown or reddish brown. If you prefer black boots, go for a slightly taller boot with military or motorcycle inspired accents such as side buckles. Color Trend- Mixed Gray Tones: Gray may seem like a sort of muted color, but when you mix it in different tones, it creates a very sophisticated monochromatic look. Shop for gray three piece suits, fine knit sweaters, silk ties, overcoats, and trousers. Then, mix and match these pieces. Avoid wearing all one shade of gray, and instead assemble your outfit in shades ranging from light gray to charcoal. The “Geek Chic” Look: You’ve probably noticed celebrities popping up at events sporting thick rimmed glasses and bowties lately. First made popular by Indie rockers, this is a versatile and great look for fall known as “geek chic.” To pull it off, essentials in your wardrobe are bow ties, sweater vests, wide rimmed glasses, and a splash of argyle. The biggest rule of the geek chic look is that it has to look polished. So if you wear a silk screened tee shirt, make sure to layer it over a button down shirt in a bright or pastel color.

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