Top 4 Spring Fashion Trends For 2010

Top 4 Spring Fashion Trends For 2010 Are you making it an effort to be fashion forward this year? Then it’s about time that you start looking what the hottest fashion trends for spring will be. This year, expect to bare a lot of skin so make sure you prepare your with lots of exercise and cutting back on midnight snacking. Here are just a few of the key spring fashion trends that will dominate in 2010. 1. Let’s talk sports Since more and more people are becoming more health conscious the past years, many designers are starting to inject a little bit of sportiness into their designs for 2010. Think cropped tops and tennis inspired skirts. But definitely no to tracksuits. It will be years before they become acceptable again. 2. Steal something from your boyfriend’s wardrobe If in 2009 you started borrowing your boyfriend’s jeans, this year you’ll be rummaging around his closet for a blazer. If you want to turn a boring outfit into a snazzy fashionable hit, wear one and you’ll feel like you’ve just stepped out of the latest fashion magazine. Just make sure to roll up the sleeves of an oversized blazer to show off your feminine wrists. 3. Go sheer Just because you’ll be borrowing a few essentials from your boyfriend this year doesn’t mean that you can lose that femininity in you. This spring, stock up on pretty blouses and dresses that are made of delicate fabric such as lace and chiffon. Don’t forget to layer it over something simple like a cotton tank top to add just a hint of elegance to your casual day. 4. Be sexy Since shorts was considered to be one of the hottest spring fashion trends last year, expect to see lots of them come spring 2010. Whether you prefer them tailored or in your favorite denim shade, make sure you prepare your legs ASAP as the shorts are bound to get even shorter this year, if you feel you can’t go bare, then rock this trend by wearing sheer tights underneath. So what are you waiting for? Now that you know what the essentials are, start updating your wardrobe with the latest fashion trends for spring 2010.

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