The Latest Makeup Trends of 2012

The Latest Makeup Trends of 2012 They say that cosmetics are a woman’s weapon. And we women stand witness to the miracle weapon they always prove to be! In this context, Luminess Air as the leading airbrush cosmetic company needs no introduction. Pioneering the latest revolutionary technique in makeup, the brand continues to inspire ladies to be looked over and not overlooked. Contemporary fashion trends have evolved to redefine makeup focussing on a natural minimalistic look. Breaking news from the 2012 makeup desk suggests a blend of the timeless vintage look with the modern chic. This is the happening trend of the spring-summer season and believes in highlighting the face gently with subtle, yet effective makeup. Lets take a closer look at the general makeup trends: Skin- A radiant natural skin is powerful in its own right and a peachy complexion is the storm of the season. The airbrushing makeup products and application tool can work wonders in providing a smooth, even toned skin, which definitely is in. Luminess water based makeup uses natural colorants and are preservative-free. They are hypoallergic and available in various shades to fit every kind of skin tone. One can pick from the range of ultra, matte and glow foundations, concealers, tanning kits, complexion enhancers like translucent powders and others. This magical makeup gives flawless and weightless, sheer to maximum coverage which can last for upto eighteen hours. If you happen to be a fan of ‘Doctors’, the TV show, you may have seen this makeup featured there. The good news is that Luminess airbrush products can help with selective spot coverage too and the problem areas can be completely transformed. Just think of the delicate feather-like touch of the mist on your skin leaving you a different person! Eyes- The trendiest look of the eyes is smoky with eye-shadow and liners applied in refreshingly innovative ways. A dash of glitter accentuates our windows to the world and never fail to strike. Eye-art this season is quite inventive with a playful mix of mascara, eye accents and shadow. Airbrush eyeshadows are long lasting and you can create the look you like with the selection available. Choose from the Drama Queen, Ore, Seashell and Smokey shades to adorn your eyes in a trendy way. These shadows blend smoothly with shimmers and bronzers creating a chic and elegant look. Lips- Rouge lip colors are the order of the day and have emerged as a trend for the season. The Lip Pout Poppers and Lip Gloss Pen Duo from Luminess Air are secrets to healthy, nourishes, glossy and delicious lips. The recovery lipstick range in Currant, Dune Rose, Hula, matador Red, Kiss and Tell and other shades hydrate and color lips wonderfully. A style statement of sorts, they are ready to create an impact anywhere, anytime. Be it dyed eyebrows, golden and peachy skin, ruby lips or any other latest dramatic makeup trend, Luminess crafts the look you desire in sync with what’s new and up. Time to doll up the natural way is here and now. Achieve the look of the day and inspire makeovers!

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