2010 Summer Fashion Trends

2010 Summer Fashion Trends Long flowy dresses: Once again the long flowy dress will be very popular. Not only is this piece of clothing very comfortable, but it allows women to hide anything that they are uncomfortable with, particularly their thighs or stomach. The long flowy dress will come in many different patterns. You will see many more designers producing fantastic and intricate patterns. You will also see stores like Old Navy coming out with their own versions of these stresses. Women of all sizes can wear this dress, but make sure that you do not buy one that is too big for you. Also, when choosing the dress, make sure that the pattern does not overwhelm your body. If you are more petite, try buying a solid colored dress. If you are taller, you can consider a larger print. Shorts: Shorts will once again be in this summer. Last year’s fashion trend of very short shorts will once again be seen on many girls this summer. For those women who have fantastic legs, take advantage of wearing shorter shorts. The good thing is other versions of shorts will also be available including cropped shorts and longer shorts. For those women who have a slightly bigger thighs, try to wear slightly longer shorts. Longer shorts will also be acceptable and casual office environment as long as they are paired with a pair of simple flats or nice heels. Glittery tops: Silver and gold sequined tops will once again be very popular. These tops are great to go out in, especially when headed to a club or party. They can also be paired with blue jeans in order to go out to dinner or to have a night out with friends. The gold and silver sequins help to dress up your entire look immediately. If you choose a topic like this, do not add too many other accessories or you will look over done. Find a fun top that is fitted so it does not hang and draped all over. Thin cardigans: Although not necessarily a fashion trend, the thin cardigans will be all over everyone. It is perfect to wear in the early morning and late at night when it is chilly. The color of the cardigan is important. This summer, go for a red cardigan that is both flattering and bright. Read pairs perfectly with white summer clothes. Also consider a turquoise blue cardigan that will pair well with lots of other bright summer colors. Having a cardigan in your wardrobe will really help prevent getting cold at night. Wedge heels: Wedge heels will also be a fantastic addition to the wardrobe. They will allow you to look taller while still feeling comfortable. In the summer look for white or light tan heels. Also look for summer pattern and bright colors including yellow, green, or pink. The wedge heels will be all over and are really well paired with white jeans, shorts, or a fantastic summer skirt. Many of the trends discussed above have come around in the past. If you have some of these items in your wardrobe, start to pull them out. If not, start shopping!

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