The Ultimate 5 Fashion Saviors For Skinny Females

The Ultimate 5 Fashion Saviors For Skinny Females Every girl dreams of having a tall and slim figure like super models on runways but the fact is that the girls who do have a slim figure and tall height also have to be careful while dressing. Everything does not suit them perfectly and hence, the picks have to be well thought and well suited as per the skinny body type. Layering of Garments Females with skinny body type should go for layered clothing. Layered clothes tend to add fullness to the body structure and accentuate the feminine curves quite aesthetically. Layering of a simple shrug over a fitted t-shirt or vest can help you make a trendy fashion statement. Vertical Stripes Out Horizontals In As most of the people know that vertical stripes adds an illusion of length to the overall look, it is obvious for the taller people to avoid it. Though horizontal stripes can work wonders for skinny females as it tends to enhance the curves of the body. Flats and Boots High heels create not only adds onto the height but also makes the legs appear slimmer than usual hence, it is a big no-no for tall and slim girls. Flat foot wears or low heel sandals look great on tall girls besides, boots are another trendy option which can be opted by thin women to camouflage the skinnier portion of legs. Baby-Doll Dresses As the name suggests, baby-doll style clothes give you a fluffy doll-like appearance. These are generally multiple layered clothing which helps add fullness and volume to the body and create an illusion of shortness to make you look a bit shorter than your usual taller self. Chunky Jewelry Chunky costume jewelry can be a great option to accessorise your overall appearance and make a funky style statement at the same time. Do not hesitate in trying big beady jewelry pieces as it would only complement you in looking fuller.

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