The Stylists For The Celebrities

The Stylists For The Celebrities Celebrities have realized that they need personal stylists more and more, especially in this paparazzi era when they risk getting photographed even when they go shopping. The fear of not being captured in photos looking bad has become a great issue for the celebrities this is why their stylist has become their best friend. Also, looking their best at movie awards, film premieres and other red carpet events is something that they all want. One of the most recognized celebrity stylists is Rachel Zoe. She is a prominent figure in the fashion industry as she offers advice to some of the most famous Hollywood celebrities, fashion houses and beauty firms. She has a personal website where everyone can submit to her daily newsletter and receive fashion tips. She wrote a book entitled “Style A to Zoe” alongside some of her designer friends. The book had such an immense success that it was included in the very prestigious New York Times Best Seller List. Andrea Leibermann is the fashion stylist who, according to one of the best ranked fashion magazines, influenced the design of Jennifer Lopez’s Versace dress at the Grammy’s in 2000. If you don’t remember why that dress was so incredible it was because it had a plunging neckline all the way to her abdomen. Estee Stanley is the fashion stylist behind Tyra Banks’ incredible success, America’s Next Top Model TV show. But despite this wonderful position she also works with some A list celebrities like Jessica Biel and Penelope Cruz. Styles chance as age changes this is why there are some fashion stylists that work primarily with young actors and actresses and others that like working with mature celebrities. Nicole Chavez is a stylist that is the favorite choice of young celebrities such as Rachel Bilson and Kristen Bell. However, like many of her industry colleagues, Nicole has worked on the sets of some famous movies such as Old School, Poseidon and even on The O.C. These are just some of the names that are very appreciated and sought after at Hollywood. However, even if you don’t live there you can still dress fashionable by just investing in clothes that you like and that underline your personality.

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