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Is There a True Solution for Sweaty Hands or Feet? Sweating is a normal process which allows the body to control temperature during hot weather conditions or when the body is feeling hot while exercising or doing strenuous activities. Meanwhile, the sympathetic nervous system is the one responsible for regulating the sweating function. There are a few people who sweat far too much. The condition of excessive sweating is medically known as hyperhidrosis. This condition occur on many parts of the body, but the most common areas are the underarms, feet and palms. More often than not, hyperhidrosis bears a negative impact on the individual who suffers it. This condition causes the sufferer social, psychological or job-related problems. For instance, people with sweaty hands find handshakes embarrassing. They may also find driving very uncomfortable or difficult. They also struggle working with metal or with paper. On the other hand, people with sweaty feet also suffer from maceration of the toes or other infection. In short, people who have hyperhidrosis cannot easily enjoy recreational activities or complete easy tasks. At the moment, doctors do not know yet hyperhidrosis what causes hyperhidrosis but fortunately there are different methods of treating it. The use of strong antiperspirants is the most common method, and the most preferred, for treating hyperhidrosis. Other methods include Botox injections and oral medication. In extreme cases, patients resort to surgery. Doctors often choose first the most non-invasive method to treat sweaty hands and feet. If antiperspirants are not effective, doctors move to the next method, which is known as tap water iontophoresis.
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A special machine for sweaty hands is used under the tap water iontophoresis method. This iontophoresis machine applies a mild current of electricity to the sweaty feet or hands or other sweaty parts of the body. This option is safe and non-invasive and very effective.
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This simply technology is actually scientifically proven to treat problems of excessive sweating. It is specially made for curing sweaty feet and hands but is can also be used on other areas of the body. The makers of this iontophoresis machine are confident that it will solve your problems in the safest and fastest way. In most cases, patients see complete cessation of the problem after a couple of sessions, however there are those who can testify that results where instantaneous in just one session. Depending from one person to another, results can last to a certain number of days or months. The frequency of treatment also depends on the person. If you suffer from hyperhidrosis, there is now a safe and effective solution to your problems. Go to this website to read more about this machine.

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