Simple Guide to Beach Holiday (Fashion) Packing

Simple Guide to Beach Holiday (Fashion) Packing It’s holiday season and many of us will soon be considering which items of clothing to include in our suitcase. With some help from our simple beach holiday packing we hope you will soon have the answers. Firstly, don’t be tempted to take several favourite outfits – a few key items will do. Another great tip is to choose a colour scheme for your holiday wardrobe and stick with it, this will enable you to mix and match items cleverly. Here are our top 10 beach holiday essentials: 1) Take a clean set of underwear for every day and a spare in your hand luggage in case of delays. 2) Pack a kaftan. They are versatile, flattering and available in endless colours and styles. 3) If you are comfortable in bikinis, they can provide lots of possibilities when worn with other items. For the less body-confident a tankini can also be a good option. 4) Linen trousers can look fabulous on holiday but they also crease very easily so they may not be ideal for you. Consider taking a lightweight pair of favourite jeans instead. 5) Vest tops go with anything. We would recommend taking two, in colours from your chosen holiday wardrobe palette. 6) You will probably be able to purchase items such as sarongs and hats while you are on holiday, but if you want to be sure then a sarong won’t take up much room in your suitcase and a headscarf makes a great alternative to a hat. 7) Shorts are a must. Denim cut off’s are very fashionable right now – and, again, can be matched with other items from your suitcase. 8) You can probably manage with just two pairs of shoes for your entire holiday: comfy trainers or flats for travelling and unexpected weather/terrain, and a pretty pair of flat sandals for the suitcase. Go for something metallic or embellished and your sandals will take you from day to night. 9) Don’t forget something warm for the evenings. Again, you can travel in this, just be sure not to forget it! 10) A cagoule can be a handy item on holiday and takes up barely any room at all. Pack one for any unexpected weather conditions.

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