Rejuvenate Yourself With Ilham Inspirations

Rejuvenate Yourself With Ilham Inspirations Many women are very familiar with Ilham Abbas. She has been featured in many women’s fashion magazines including L’officiel, Laha, Hia, just to name a few. Women are so drawn to follow her footsteps and she is a good example of how to be a style icon living your dreams daily. Fashionistas are going to be very excited to hear that Ilham Abbas of the Ilhaam Group will be directing and heading up a new website called Mount Ilhaam. This website will feature various top design houses of Europe which will utilize special cuts to enhance women’s body all produced in Italy & France. They are offering a variety of Dresses, coats, overall, leggings, tops and skirts accessories, handbags a total women’s wear. Surely such collections are designed to help a woman feel better about the way she looks and what she is wearing. The Ilhaam Group is a company whose motto states that they are “Born to inspire”. That is not surprising, considering that the founder of the company is Ilham Abbas. She is someone who has a great amount of knowledge about fashion and luxury. It’s all in her bio fashion diary lifestyle. Before she founded the Ilhaam Group, Ilham Abbas held positions with TECOM Investments, Al Bayan Publications and also with the Dubai Festival Shopping Office. The Ilhaam Group is out to make the world a more beautiful place and with Ilham Abbas at the head it is a mission that is sure to succeed. Ilham Abbas is a woman with a lot of style. She knows more about beauty, fashion and luxury than most people, and she is willing to share her knowledge. Her extensive knowledge is shown in her bio fashion diary lifestyle. She is not afraid to think outside the box. Her ideas are cutting edge and often way ahead of their time.

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