Name Your Best Friend – Food?

When you’re feeling lonely, sad or bored do you drown yourself in a bucket of fried chicken or delve in to a huge piece of sinful chocolate?
Eating is a natural part of our body’s needs, whether we like it or not our body naturally craves food in the language of hunger. When a person is hungry, he will reach to any food available in front of him even if it is a plate of plain boiled broccoli! Unsurprisingly our tongue craves for taste and flavour, and foods that are high in fat are the most desired foods when you are hungry!
So we do eat when the stomach is hungry, but what if you eat when your soul is empty? Our body interprets loneliness and emptiness as hunger and we think that it is craving food. Resorting to food in response to cravings or emotions eventually becomes a habit and you cannot stop stuffing your mouth with scrumptious goodies.
Delicious food gives almost an elated feeling as one tends to forget upsetting emotions with delectable flavours which tingle in your mouth. Some people tend to eat food to evade stress, but in fact they are doing more harm than good. The infamous phrase “fat and happy” is a superficial phrase since gaining weight leads to other problems which can vary from depression to heart diseases. It is a vicious cycle.
The best advice to overcome this incomprehensible habit is to first of all be conscious of it. You need to identify this problem in yourself and analyse what are the situations which tend to trigger this hunger attack. Make a conscious effort to avoid those situations or if you are helpless in avoiding, you may learn to relax and try to get busy with another engrossing activity until the craving passes.
Yoga and meditation as well as rewarding hobbies such as gardening, walking, or listening to music etc, help a great deal in refusing to feed your emotions.
And if you do give in to your comfort eating once in a way, you should at least make it a point to chew well and in fact, try to enjoy, savour, recognise the flavour, texture and smell of your absolutely favourite food; eating slowly and chewing longer, signals the brain to feel full and satisfied in a shorter while than by gulping down dollops of food!Kuliner kota Malang

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