Maxi Versus Mini

Maxi Versus Mini With the increasing popularity of the maxi dress taking away the limelight from the mini skirt, it makes us wonder which style is the most wanted among women. It is evident that both the maxi and the mini come in a wide variety of styles, patterns and colours which suggest they both reflect versatile qualities. We see which style is the most elegant and versatile. The mini has had a consistent presence within our lives since the 50’s. The short style allows women to show off their legs and accentuate the length of such assets for a sexy, womanly shape. Although this length could prove inappropriate for serious occasions such as job interviews and funerals, it allows you to walk freely and look stylish in the process. The majority of women’s clothing comes in a short design which proves it is popular among ladies. The maxi has eased in and out of fashion since the late 60’s to give us a break from the mini. From teenagers to pensioners, the maxi is practical yet stylish for all ages as the long length prevents any accidental, indecent exposure. The maxi is an ideal formal piece that can be worn to weddings and funerals according to colour as the length is appropriate. As longer skirts and dresses are sometimes associated with the older generation, you could risk looking older if you do not carefully consider how to put your outfit together. When worn in the correct way, a long length dress or skirt can look elegant and flattering. There are several asymmetric styles cropping up on both the high street and designer runway shows that give us a balance between the short or long lengths. If you are finding it difficult to choose a design, asymmetric skirts or dresses provide a happy medium. The most popular style consists of a short length at the front that gradually gets longer towards the back. This design is elegant and sophisticated and can be appropriately worn for any occasion. So it seems that the maxi and mini run a close competition with one another, as a maxi style can run the risk of looking old and a mini can prove inappropriate for some occasions such as a job interview due to the short length. Although it seems the asymmetric length is becoming a contemporary alternative that would fit any occasion and keep you looking stylish.

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