Lunchbox Diet Tips For Better Health

Lunchbox Diet Tips For Better Health Many of us leave work during breaks and lunchtimes purchasing various items of food and drink from our nearest outlet to keep us going throughout the day. A latte and pastry from the café on a break, a hot meatball and cheese sandwich for lunch washed down with a can of coke, a ‘thickshake’ on the way home – if any of this sounds familiar then you will know from first-hand experience how easily these unnecessary calories add up. However, there is an easy way to take control of your weekday eating habits, saving you money and improving your diet. This is how it works. Breakfast Avoid grabbing a breakfast bun on the way into work – make your breakfast at home. Great options are some slow release home-made porridge in the colder months, or any kind of fruit during warmer weather. Add a few nuts if you’re still hungry, they will fill you up and provide many valuable nutrients. If you don’t have time to eat breakfast at home you can easily bring fruit and nuts into work or eat them on the bus or train. Mid-morning and afternoon breaks It’s good to keep your metabolism ticking over by grazing on small healthy snacks throughout the day, like dried fruit, carrot/celery sticks or a rye biscuit topped with low-fat cream cheese. But did you know that the less healthy choice of something like a latte and pastry can amount to a quarter of your recommended daily allowance of calories and half of your RDA of fat? To combat this huge temptation take teabags into work, preferably green tea, or if you really can’t bear to give up your milky coffee fix, make up a flask and stick with skimmed milk. Unfortunately you should really drop the pastries, cakes or fatty biscuits that may usually accompany it. However, if you feel that you’d like to include a biscuit with your cuppa and that the above-mentioned snacks just won’t do as replacements then there are some fab low calorie/low fat coffee break snacks around these days. Choose wisely and when you find one you like, be sure to buy in advance and bring into work with you to avoid other temptations. Lunches The world is your oyster! If you are lucky enough to have your own staff kitchen then there really is no limit as to what you can bring in to work for lunch as an alternative to fast food. If you are sticking with cold lunchbox food try making up your own couscous, salads or pasta salads, including fish, grilled skinless chicken, avocado, beans or pulses with and drizzle with a little olive oil and cider vinegar for taste. This type of diet isn’t just great for your waistline, it is also very good for your skin, hair and – most importantly – it is a fantastic way to eat for your general health, so why not give it a try?

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