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How to Choose the Right Cough Drop

Having a cough or cold is very intrusive to one’s life, and therefore need to be handled accordingly. For these symptoms, one often will invest in some simple cough drops. That said, coughs can come in a few different forms. With different coughs come different cough drops. If you don’t know the active ingredients, some cough drops might end up not being as effective as you thought they might be. The following information will introduce you to the differences in cough drops and their active ingredients.

For a sore throat, you are going to want a cough drop that contains numbing agents. These are usually menthol, eucalyptus, or benzocaine. Additionally, these ingredients are expectorants, and will therefore assist you in the expulsion of mucus and help your infection pass more quickly. The downside here is that these types of cough drops will begin to irritate you if you take them for too long. Most say that 3 or 4 days is about how long you should take these cough drops continuously. If the symptoms do not get better after a few days, you will want to consult your doctor.

Sometimes you will develop a cough that is painful and dry. In this case, nothing is coming up and you simply desire the cough to end. This will probably be the easiest issue to address when it comes to purchasing cough drops. This dry cough will often be combated with menthol, as it acts as a numbing agent and a cough suppressant. The same thing can be achieved with other antitussives. This will normally be the easiest issue to address, as most if not all cough drops will contain menthol.

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Honey, zinc, and vitamin C are often used to combat other symptoms of a cold. For this reason, you will often see cough drops that are honey flavored. Other herbs and essential oils are used to combat your cold symptoms as well, such as ginger and echinacea. Still, since there is no concrete evidence behind the use of such ingredients, it is prudent to note that they may not be effective. These ingredients are not dangerous though, so it is fine to try them and see if they work for you.

A cough or cough is almost always met with cough drops in opposition to the given symptoms. It is normal to want the variety of cough drops that will have the most benefit to you. With less active ingredients comes less chance of irritation, but also less overall effectiveness. You will definitely want to have other methods to combat your illness in addition to cough drops. Take additional medicine if you can and drink plenty of water. The next time you need cough drops, the information presented here should help you in your purchasing decision.
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