Guide to Perfect Holiday Packing

Guide to Perfect Holiday Packing This week we thought we’d follow up with an article covering other essential holiday items. If you need some help deciding what to include in your suitcase this holiday we hope that this guide will help. 1) Consider your holiday wardrobe carefully. I great tip is to colour coordinate items so that you can mix and match. 2) Be sure to store your passports, credit card, money and all other travel documents (including insurance documents) safely in your hand luggage and keep them with you at all times. 3) Take a first aid kit. Insect repellent, antiseptic cream, plasters, travel sickness medication, tummy settling medication and painkillers hopefully won’t be needed but it’s good to take them if you can – just in case! 4) Also in your hand luggage include some bottled water, snacks, a travel game (such as a pack of cards) and a book for each passenger. 5) Don’t go mad with the toiletries! Invest in some travel sized products or containers to save space but don’t forget a good sunblock. 6) If you are self catering take the basics such as a corkscrew, tin opener and some tea/coffee, powdered milk and sugar – in case these items are unavailable on arrival. 7) Small sewing kit. Just a needle and thread and some safety pins will take barely any room but could be really useful. 8) Empty plastic bags. These will fit easily into your case and are useful for storing away dirty clothes and various other bits and pieces. 9) Make sure that all of your luggage is clearly labelled and that your details are also included inside in case labels get lost. 10) Once you have finished packing check that you have enough space for any souvenirs or duty free items that you intend to bring home, if there is no space you may have to re-think your packing.

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