Distressed Denim is a Dependable Fashion Trend

Distressed Denim is a Dependable Fashion Trend The fashion world is a fickle mistress. Things go in and out daily. One day the fashion gurus are declaring that plaid is the new black and suddenly all over New York City mannequins covered in plaid from head to toe suddenly appear in store windows up and down the Garment district. Fashion is fleeting but every now and then a style emerges that takes hold in the minds and hearts of fashion critics the world over. These consistent fashions are giants in a crowd of diminutive and evanescent fashion trends. One of these dependable fashion trends is that of distressed jeans. Distressed denim is the name for jeans that are designed and manufactured to appear well worn. As if they’d been worn to a hundred rock and roll concerts or washed and folded a thousand times. This style represents the laissez faire, laid-back mentality of today’s generation. If the smiley face t-shirt defined the 90s its clear that the distressed jean will define the 2000s. Hundreds of thousands of twenty something’s walk the streets of New York City wearing graphic tees and distressed denim jeans and this trend shows no signs of stopping. How can one get in on this fashion trend? It’s easy. There are two options. The first option is to buy a pair of non-distressed jeans and wear them until they’re falling apart at the seams. This option is cost-effective but the reality is who really wants a pair of jeans that are falling apart at the seams? The second option is far more pragmatic. Quite simple one could simply buy jeans styled to look and feel like well worn jeans but with the dependability one would assume comes along with buying brand new denim jeans. If one were to take advantage of the second option they’d be able to enjoy the best of both worlds! Comfortable and dependable fashion all rolled up into one.

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