Common Designs For Men’s Eyewear

The Common Design philosophy puts style and utility first. Decorative eyewear is not common for Common Design. Instead, they study classic shapes and rework them with pared-back simplicity. Their frames are made with biodegradable acetate and undergo a 200-step process to achieve their clean, minimal look. Common Design glasses like designer eyewear Los Angeles are meant to be worn for years and are not intended to be expensive or overly decorative. However, the quality is excellent, and each pair is guaranteed to last for many years.


A rectangle-shaped frame is a classic, versatile shape for eyewear. This shape allows for adequate peripheral vision, which is critical for people with different face shapes. In addition, it can serve as good reading eyewear, as the lenses are narrow. Rectangle eyeglasses are commonly found in prescription eyewear and sunglasses. 


Square glasses are popular for a number of reasons. First, they’re classic. They’re oversized and instantly iconic. Kurt Cobain made the popular Series 6558 by Christian Roth famous. Second, they look more modern and sharp than traditional round glasses. Finally, they balance out less-defined face shapes by featuring sharp corners and straight lines. A square frame also complements men with round faces or square heads. So, when it comes to selecting eyewear for men, choose a style that flatters your face shape!


The term eyewire refers to a material frame piece that holds the lens axis with a cylinder power. Some structures have an eyewire only at the top or bottom, known as crimson frames. On the other hand, complete frame eye wires have bevel rests where the lens sits. The following are some common designs in eyewear. Wires are typically shaped like a square or rectangle.

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Armor 6001

The standard designs of ArmourX 6001 eyewear include a lightweight frame and an easily adjustable nose pad. These frames also have rubber temples to keep them from sliding when you’re sweating. In addition, the frames come in various colors, and the standard ANSI safety glasses frame is also available. These glasses can protect your eyes from harmful UV rays and provide a clear, sharp vision for your daily tasks.

Perspective Glass

The most common designs for perspective glasses involve three components: the temples, the arms, and the nose bridge. They fit over the ears and nose and are adjustable for any prescription. In addition, these glasses feature memory metal, which allows them to be bent up to a certain point and then return to their original shape. This design encourages personalization, as the glasses can be customized to match an outfit, a favorite sports team, or a holiday.


A monocle is a type of eyewear with a lens that sits inside the eye orbit. They were first worn in England around the turn of the 19th century and later became popular in Germany. They were designed to fit the eye perfectly and were often made of fine materials. Monocles were often worn by royalty in history. Their distinctive style has helped them remain popular even today. The following are some examples of standard eyewear designs.


Lorgnette eyewear has been around for centuries. The name derives from the French verb ‘lorgner’, which means to ‘eye furtively, ogle, or check out someone. The lorgnette eyeglass was a must-have accessory for ladies of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. One of the earliest examples of lorgnette eyewear is the ‘jealousy lorgnette,’ which had a small mirror in one eye.

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