Beauty Pageant Tips You Cannot Afford to Miss!

Beauty Pageant Tips You Cannot Afford to Miss! A beauty pageant can be the door to a wonderful future for the successful candidate, but it is not an easy thing to get right. We have gathered some top tips on how to maximise your chances of success, so take a look at them to help make your experience as positive as possible. Don’t forget to smile Of course it can be hard to maintain a relaxed looking smile when you are onstage, but this is so important. Practice in front of a mirror and focus a lot of attention on gaining self-confidence in the weeks leading up to your pageant. The best way to become effective at dealing with any nervousness is to perform or talk in front of an audience as much as possible. Find ways to do this with friends and family and it will help you work on your stage presence. A natural smile is a great start to winning over judges. Watch what you eat Avoid large meals and carbohydrates the night before a competition, as this will cause unavoidable bloating, which is very unflattering and won’t show you at your best. Stick to colors that suit you best You probably have a good idea of which colors compliment you best so stick with them. Do not be tempted to go out on a limb by trying a color that looks great on your friend but just isn’t for you. Don’t go over the top Avoid over-accessorizing or wearing too much makeup at pageants, even in the evening gown competition. Items like gloves should never be worn as they appear overdone and will just distract from the rest of your look. Be organized Make sure that you are clear on exactly when you are being judged and be sure that your apparel is clean and ironed. Have a plan for hairstyles, do not leave your ‘up-do’ to chance and have plenty of grips, slides and safety pins at the ready just in case. Be gracious Always remain gracious to other contestants. If you or your child does not make it through this time then you can take away what you have learned from the experience and next time will go much better!

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