5 Popular Sleeve Types to Consider

When it comes to purchasing tops and dresses, there are many different sleeve types and lengths to consider. Each of those fit different personalities, desired looks, and events. The following are a few tips to help you choose the best for your needs.

Sleeve Lengths

There are three basic sleeve lengths, which include long, short, and ¾ sleeves. Long sleeves are those that extend to the wrist, while short sleeves typically fall between the shoulder and the elbow.

¾ sleeves usually go just beyond the elbow. While these are a popular and stylish option, some people find them a bit irritating. If you’ve never worn one, be sure to try one on before purchasing to make sure it’s not bothersome to you.

Sleeve Types

There are more than 40 different sleeve types to consider, but some of the most common include:

  • Raglan sleeves – As opposed to a straight seam, these have a diagonal seam that runs along the collarbone and the underarm.
  • Cold sleeves – These are the sleeves that open around the shoulder but continue below.
  • Off shoulder sleeves – These sleeves also expose the shoulder. However, unlike cold sleeves, they do not form a circle around the shoulder but rather only fall below it on the arm.
  • Slit sleeves – Slit sleeves also expose the shoulder, but they also expose most of the arm. The material is slit open on the outside, starting at the shoulder and then reconnecting somewhere between the wrist and elbow.
  • Kimono sleeves – Kimono sleeves are like those of traditional Japanese clothing. They open into a wide, loose sleeve that provides a touch of elegance and comfort.
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This list includes only a few of the most popular sleeve types, but there are many more options to choose from. No matter your style or event, there is a sleeve type available to keep you looking your best.