3 Staffing Tips For New Entrepreneurs

Many entrepreneurs start their companies with the intent to grow. While the founder or founders may be the only employees when the company opens, as the company grows, staff members will need to be hired. Before hiring anyone, it is a good idea to evaluate the needs of the company, create job descriptions and make a list of desirable candidate qualities.

1. Evaluate the Company Needs

No one person can do everything, and everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses. Figure out where there are gaps in the company and figure out how many employees will be needed to fill those holes. Figure out how many hours employees should work per week to accomplish their tasks.

2. Create Solid Job Descriptions

Sometimes business owners realize they need help, but do not have a complete grasp on what is needed. Look up job descriptions for different positions before creating a job ad in order to have an understanding of what candidates will expect their general duties to be. For example, it would not make much sense for a payroll specialist to be in charge of contacting a copier repair service Reston VA in case of a breakdown.

3. Find Compatible Staff Members

Many people hire people that they like and that are similar to themselves. There is nothing wrong with hiring likable people who will fit in with the company culture and be pleasant to work with. However, it is a mistake to hire staff members who have similar strengths and weaknesses as existing teammates. If many people in the company are great at customer service but not good at planning events, then someone should be brought in who has excellent organization skills and can keep everyone else on task.

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Hiring staff members for the first time can be an exciting time for business owners. However, it must be done carefully to ensure the new employees will do excellent work and work well with others.