3 Freebies Your Customers Will Love

Whether you’re preparing for your next big event, planning an annual giveaway, creating loyalty gift packages or just stocking your front desk, including branded freebies in your repertoire will keep your customers thinking of you on the regular, increase your clientele and improve brand awareness. Here are a few freebies that are guaranteed to be a hit with your customers.

Company T-Shirts

Branded t-shirts with custom screen printing Sacramento CA are a perfect way to turn your customers into walking advertisements. A simple company logo is a great place to start, but consider creating tees with clever sayings or attractive designs that your customers will genuinely enjoy wearing. You might get the same design printed on different articles of clothing (think hoodies, tank tops or beanies) or even on other items such as tote bags and backpacks.

Branded Mugs

Mugs are a great go-to freebie. You can fill them with other goodies, or gift them as-is. They’re inexpensive and practical, and their durability means that they’ll probably be in the recipients’ homes for a good long while. Standard vinyl-printed or enameled mugs are great, but you can even get raised or etched images for a truly unique design. Travel mugs and reusable cold drink cups are also fabulous alternatives if mugs aren’t your style.

Mascot Plushies

A cute, well-made plush toy or stuffed animal is sure to be a hit with clients young and old. If you have a mascot, why not get it converted into a stuffed toy? Fully custom plush toys are a brilliant option, but a simple teddy bear with a custom printed shirt or embroidery can also be a fun option.

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Freebies are an awesome way to get your company name out there while also serving your customers. By choosing a good mix of fun and practical promotional items, you can build a great relationship with anyone who receives them.