2010 Summer Fashion Trends – Swimwear and Swimsuits

2010 Summer Fashion Trends – Swimwear and Swimsuits You haven’t got a bathing suit yet? Hurry up then, there are countless fabulous patterns that await your approval. Which will it be? Here’s a list of the latest trends in swimwear. One of them will definitely have your name on it. Navy It’s everywhere. On any type of garment, including swim suits. Walk around the deck of fashion and choose your favorite stripes. Retro Retro equals femininity. It’s one of the most popular trends this summer dedicated for women who like to dress their curves. Try it out and you’ll love it. Polka dots anyone? They’re ?�ber cute and delicate! Glam You can be all sparkling and glamorous at the beach as well. An exquisite design, metallic shades or some shining crystals will draw all eyes on you. Yeah, baby! Elegant For those of you who prefer to walk seductively by the pool or sip a delicious cocktail under the shade of a pal tree, these are the bathing suits that I’m seeing you in. Not exactly made for swimming or volleyball on the beach if you know what I mean. Strong colors Strong, playful personalities – vivid colors. It’s the perfect combination, and I bet you won’t leave unnoticed. Have fun with it! Romantic For those of you who prefer to highlight their femininity by wearing flowers, colorful, floral prints are still in. What will it be? Lilies, or perhaps something more exotic? With such a flowery abundance, it will be hard to pick just one. Sporty Lots of women enjoy water sports, swimming or playing volleyball on the beach. If you’re one of them you’ll need a cool bathing suit that offers good support to keep up with your athletic nature.

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