2010 Fall and Winter Fashion Trends for Young Ladies

2010 Fall and Winter Fashion Trends for Young Ladies The summer months are behind us now. Most of us have already tucked away our warm weather clothing in exchange for cozier clothing that keep us warm on these cooler days. And, with the onset of fall comes new fall and winter fashion trends for women. If your fall and winter wardrobe is a bit out-dated and you are interested in picking up a few trendy new clothing items and some fashionable womens shoes, then you would probably like to know what’s hot this season. Maybe you have already checked a few womens fashion magazines but still could use some tips. Here are a few ideas you can use to help you decide what to pick up this year. The top stars in Hollywood are sporting these looks and the clothing styles are now readily available in local boutiques and on the internet Colors seen on the catwalks this autumn seem to reflect the tough economic times as you wills see plenty of dark, deep and nature-inspired color choices. Crimson red, burgundy, brown, tan, black and earth-gray tints are hot as are burnt sienna oranges and deep electric blues. These colors are subtle enough to wear to work which is a nice ‘plus’. You should consider wearing these colors as your key piece of clothing. For instance an orange floral dress worn with a black turtleneck sweater which is covered with a chunky gray cardigan is very ‘in’ this year and would look incredibly fashionable. You can find more exotic looks in Junior clothing stores as there are many dresses being made this year with that feature a metallic shine which does wonders to accentuate the beauty of softer, layered colors in sweaters and jackets. Feminine and dramatic prints are also hot this fall and winter. Accessories and other details are being featured quite often which include ruffles, lace, ethnic patterns, florals, big zippers, chains and studs. The tunic, one shoulder top is back as is the asymmetrical dress that hangs on one shoulder. Tight-fitting jeans are still the rage as are open back tops and shawls. The key to pulling a look together is to balance your outfit. For example, a drapery-style cardigan looks great with a plain t-shirt and jeans. If you want to amp up this look, consider adding a pair of super chic, womens dress shoes with spike heels. If you are on a budget, and who isn’t these days, consider doing your shopping online. It is a buyer’s market today so you are sure to grab some incredible bargains on the net.

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